The Two Witnesses

This is an introduction to a Bible study about the Two Witnesses of Revelation.

The Book of the Revelation to John, one of the books of the New Testament of the Bible, tells us many things concerning the times surrounding the return to Earth of our dear Savior, Jesus Christ (this book is also known as The Book of the Apocalypse of John; I will refer to the book by the "Revelation" title hereafter).

These times are commonly referred to as “The Great Tribulation”, taken from the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:21 as they are often translated in various versions of the Bible. The word translated by these versions as "tribulation" is the Greek word "ΘΛΙΨΙΣ" (thlipsis); and its meaning is related to "pressing" or "pressure". Therefore, a more accurate English translation of the word would be "oppression".

Matthew 24:21

“For then will be great oppression, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, nor ever may be.”

(For clarity, "nor ever may be" means "nor ever otherwise may be": obviously, the fact that it "then will be" implies that the "great oppression" will occur during a single exception from "ever".)

This time of "great oppression" will be worse than any other time before or after--the worst time of all.

It is in this worst of all times that our Savior will return, coming back to Earth at its most desperate moment. Obviously, therefore, Jesus is the most important individual mentioned in Revelation.

However, there are other individuals whose future stories are told in Revelation. Among the humans, perhaps the most notorious are the Antichrist and the False Prophet. People have speculated about who the Antichrist and the False Prophet would be ever since Revelation was first read. Both of them do the Devil’s work.

Jesus also has His human supporters in this prophecy. Among them, the Two Witnesses stand out. Christians have long been curious about the identities of these men, too.

Although I can’t tell you their exact names, God has been gracious. As Jesus said, in John 14:26,

John 14:26

“But the Comforter (who is the Holy Spirit) whom the Father will send in my name, He will teach you everything (and remind you of everything) that I have told you.”

With regards to the Two Witnesses, I have been reminded of many parts of Scripture, and been taught their meanings.

I am conveying those things in the parts listed below. May God bless you with understanding.

Part 1: The Two Witnesses in Revelation

Part 2: Why TWO Witnesses?

Part 3: Zebedee’s Wife’s Request

Part 4: Zechariah, the Menorah and the Number Seven

Part 5: Elijah and Elisha

Part 6: John the Baptist

Part 7: Moses

Part 8: Stephen the Martyr

Part 9: Moses, Elijah, and Jesus

Part 10: Two Witnesses Final Observations

Two Witnesses Appendix


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