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BiblicalPOV News, Issue #001 -- Jesus named BY NAME in Exodus!
January 08, 2017

Greetings! This is Steve, from BiblicalPOV.Com.

I'm writing today because I just posted a page that I think is extra special, and I wanted to be sure you knew about it. The title of the page is:

"Jesus, Mentioned BY NAME, With Crucifixion Imagery, in the Old Testament / Torah"

Please, check it out. I think it could really help to convince people of the truthfulness of the Bible, and that Jesus really is the Christ.

If you agree, please consider liking the page; leaving a Facebook comment at the bottom of the page; and SHARING the link to the page and/or the video to everyone. Let's try to make this "go viral", and get the Word out to the world!

Thank you for your time! God bless you!


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