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The Bible is sometimes compared to a love letter, given from God to humanity. Considering the many Biblical examples of God showing His favor to individuals, this comparison certainly has merit.

However, God's point of view is not the only one presented in the Bible. God cares about perspectives other than His own, and He also provides us with the points of view of various other personalities in the Bible, as well as the common viewpoints of people in general.

The descriptions of these many points of view are intertwined in the Bible, and many people become confused as they struggle in their Biblical study. This leads those individuals to additional difficulty in properly applying the Bible to their own lives.

I'm Steven Gilkey, and BiblicalPOV.com is one way that I'm attempting to help people better understand the teachings of the Bible and its application to our lives.

As this site grows, my hope is that it will offer insights to many of the questions people have been asking for a long time. Additionally, I wish to provide Biblical analysis of many modern topics.

I also have some items concerning Biblical prophecy to make available. This is very important information, so please be sure to read all of it.

Please enjoy your visit, and may God bless you!


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